JioSaavn vs Spotify

JioSaavn vs Spotify: Which Is Better?

With the advent of Spotify’s entry into the Indian market, the music streaming industry in India has welcomed another formidable competitor. The landscape of music streaming services in India has become increasingly crowded, featuring prominent players like Apple Music, Gaana, Amazon Music, and Wynk. Furthermore, the merger of Jio and Saavn into JioSaavn has offered Indian music enthusiasts a diverse array of options.

Among the multitude of music apps, two have emerged as the most renowned: Spotify and JioSaavn. In this comparative analysis, we aim to determine the superior choice between the two and ascertain which one provides the best value for your money.

JioSaavn vs Spotify: User Interface and Experience

In the realm of user interface and experience, there is a distinct victor, and that’s Spotify. The application offers a clean and crisp user interface with a dark color scheme. Upon launching the app, you’ll discover recommended music neatly organized in blocks. You also have the option to like songs and follow artists for easy access to your favorite tracks.

On the other hand, JioSaavn features a light user interface with a green and white color scheme. However, some users may find the interface a tad cluttered, which is understandable given the app’s inclusion of more features compared to Spotify.

JioSaavn vs Spotify: App Features

When it comes to practical usage of both applications, the Reliance Jio Music Streaming App outperforms Spotify. Although JioSaavn initially shared many features with Spotify, it has since matured into its own distinct identity. In comparison to Spotify, JioSaavn offers a plethora of features, including artist radio, integrated lyrics, and high-quality audio selection, among others. A side-by-side comparison unmistakably shows that JioSaavn’s feature set surpasses that of Spotify.

However, there is one minor caveat with JioSaavn, primarily concerning its music recommendation algorithm. While Spotify boasts an almost unparalleled and unbeatable music recommendation algorithm, making you appear as a true music aficionado, JioSaavn’s track recommendations lack originality and freshness, typically revolving around “similar songs” and tracks by the same artists.

JioSaavn vs Spotify: Premium Features

Both JioSaavn and Spotify offer premium music streaming services, but there are differences in their pricing and features.

JioSaavn Premium:

  • Yearly Subscription: Rs 399 per year
  • Monthly Subscription: Rs 99 per month
  • Features: Offline music storage, ad-free streaming

Spotify Premium:

  • Monthly Subscription: Rs 119 per month
  • Yearly Subscription: Rs 999 per year (after 1 month of free trial)
  • Features: Offline music storage, ad-free streaming, higher audio quality
  • One-time payment options: Rs 7 per day and Rs 25 per week

Recently, JioSaavn reduced its yearly subscription price to Rs 299.

In terms of features, both platforms offer offline music storage and ad-free streaming. However, Spotify provides higher audio quality and a one-time payment option for daily or weekly usage.

JioSaavn vs Spotify: Languages

India’s linguistic diversity is a crucial consideration for music streaming companies operating in the country. It’s vital to offer music in various regional languages since the demand for international music is limited. JioSaavn supports 15 languages, whereas Spotify caters to 7 languages. JioSaavn clearly holds an advantage here, providing a wide range of language options for typical Indian users.

JioSaavn vs Spotify: Free Features

Indians have a strong inclination for free content, whether it’s mobile data, movies, or music. Advertisements are tolerated as long as the service remains free. Both Spotify and JioSaavn offer their full range of services in their free, ad-supported versions. Spotify plays ads after every 6th song, and JioSaavn includes ads alongside all song lyrics and tracks.

JioSaavn vs Spotify: Music Collections

The music collection is a critical factor. JioSaavn boasts a vast library of Indian and international artists. Spotify, on the other hand, needs to enhance its regional music offerings. JioSaavn, a Reliance Jio service, reportedly hosts a music library of over 55 million songs and exclusive audio shows. In contrast, Spotify offers music lovers access to a library of over 40 million songs, podcasts, and more than 3 billion user-created playlists. While Spotify excels in international music, JioSaavn leads the way in the realm of regional music. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms depends on personal preferences, as both provide extensive music libraries spanning various genres and categories.


In conclusion, when comparing Spotify and JioSaavn, it’s evident that both have their strengths and weaknesses. Spotify excels in user interface and music recommendations, making it a fantastic choice for those who appreciate a sleek design and personalized music suggestions. On the other hand, JioSaavn outshines Spotify in terms of features, languages supported, and an extensive library of regional music.

The choice between the two ultimately depends on your priorities. If you’re looking for a seamless user experience and top-notch music curation, Spotify is the way to go. However, if you prefer a feature-rich platform with a wide selection of regional languages and music, JioSaavn is the better pick.

Now, let’s address some common questions about these music streaming platforms:


Ques. Is JioSaavn free to use?

Ans. Yes, JioSaavn offers a free, ad-supported version with limitations.

Ques. Can I listen to regional languages on Spotify?

Ans. While Spotify supports some regional languages, JioSaavn offers a broader selection.

Ques. Which platform has a better music recommendation system?

Ans. Spotify is known for its advanced music recommendation algorithm.

Ques. What are the pricing options for Spotify Premium?

Ans. Spotify offers monthly and yearly subscription plans, along with daily and weekly one-time payment options.

Ques. Does JioSaavn offer exclusive content?

Ans. Yes, JioSaavn hosts exclusive audio shows and a vast library of regional music.

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