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Download Spotify Vanced APK v8.8.90 – Free for Android/iOS 2024

Spotify Vanced has emerged as a powerhouse in the entertainment sector, widely acknowledged as the premier platform for music and podcasts. It has become a household name, attaining immense popularity on a global scale with over 170 million users as a testament to its widespread acclaim. If you’re eager to discover the factors contributing to the popularity of this streaming platform, continue reading this article.

Download Spotify Vanced APK v8.8.90 – Free for Android/iOS 2024

NameSpotify Vanced APK
Size57 MB
DeveloperDaniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon
Requirement6.0 and Above
ModPremium Unlocked

57 MB

What is Spotify Vanced APK ?

Spotify Vanced represents the enhanced edition of an audio streaming app initially created in 2006 by Swedish entrepreneur Daniel Ek. Officially launched in 2008 by Spotify AB, a Swedish company, the platform has expanded its reach with branches in over 17 countries worldwide, while its primary headquarters remains in Stockholm, Sweden.

Thriving in a competitive market, Spotify Premium Free has managed to establish a strong presence in the streaming industry over the years. This success can be attributed to its array of distinctive features and a variety of subscription packages.

How Does Spotify Vanced APK Work?

Vanced MicroG Spotify, a digital music streaming platform, provides a diverse selection of songs spanning various genres and artists. There’s no necessity to resort to listening to or downloading music from YouTube or any other platform. Access to this dedicated platform requires an Android, PC, or iOS device.

The platform’s extensive music library is hosted on servers and streamed directly to users’ devices in real-time. Beyond the music collection, it offers personalized playlist recommendations and introduces users to new music based on their preferences and listening habits. Furthermore, it presents both free and premium subscription options, with the latter offering additional features like ad-free listening and offline playback.

Features of Spotify Vanced APK

Features of Spotify Vanced APK

Spotify stands out as a leading music streaming application, providing access to a vast library of over 50 million songs. Beyond its extensive music collection, the platform boasts a variety of remarkable features that contribute to its global popularity surge. Let’s delve into these distinctive characteristics.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to explore music from artists such as Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Bad Bunny, Renzo Pianciola, and the Temper Trap. Undoubtedly, you will immerse yourself in a diverse musical world.

Huge Music Library with Over 40 Category Genres

XDA Spotify Vanced presents a broad spectrum of music encompassing over 40 genres for exploration. With a catalog boasting more than 50 million songs, there’s something for everyone. This expansive music library is available in various languages, including Arabic, Indian, Irish, Spanish, and English. Moreover, you can select from a diverse musical landscape, ranging from pop and rock to jazz, hip-hop, and beyond. New releases span across categories like At Home, Romance, Charts, Only You, Equal, Kids & Family, Afro, Instrumental, Radar, Party, Mood, Pride, Christian, Sleep, Chill, Throwback, Summer, Live Events, R&B, and much more.

Reasons to Opt for Vanced APK Premium Features

Offline Music Download & Playback With Spotify Premium, you have the capability to download your preferred songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts to your device, enabling offline enjoyment without an internet connection. A premium subscription not only facilitates the download of customized playlists but also ensures that you can relish your favorite music anytime, anywhere, even without internet connectivity.

Ad-Free Music Experience Embrace uninterrupted music streaming with the premium app, eliminating the need to contend with disruptive ads. A $10 subscription guarantees an ad-free music experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in seamless listening.

Unlimited Skips Unlike the free version, which imposes limitations on the number of skips, the premium edition enables unrestricted skipping to the next track. Enjoy complete control over your listening experience, effortlessly navigating through songs until you find the perfect one according to your preferences.

Spotify Kids With a Premium subscription, gain access to Spotify Kids—an app version tailored for children. Spotify Kids features a curated selection of age-appropriate songs and playlists, providing a safe environment for children to enjoy their favorite music.

Block Explicit Content Surprisingly, you have the ability to filter out explicit content from your music library. This feature ensures that explicit songs are prevented from playing, making Spotify a more family-friendly platform and guaranteeing an experience with appropriate content.

Spotify Vanced Subscription Plans

1. Spotify Individual Plan ($9.99/month)

Perfect for individual listeners, offering ad-free streaming, group sessions, and personalized playlists.

2. Spotify Duo Plan ($12.99/month)

Designed for couples or roommates, providing all Individual plan benefits along with Duo Mix for shared musical experiences.

3. Spotify Family Plan ($15.99/month)

Ideal for families or groups, including all Individual plan features with additional benefits like “Family Mix” for uninterrupted music enjoyment.

4. Spotify Student Plan ($4.99/month)

Tailored for students at a discounted price, offering all Individual plan benefits to enhance study sessions or downtime.

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Downloading and Installing Spotify Vanced on Android

To experience the revolutionary features of Spotify Vanced APK on your Android device, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Check Compatibility: First and foremost, ensure that you have the latest version of Spotify Vanced compatible with your device. For Android, it’s essential to have Android 5.1 or higher.
  2. Download Process: Click on the provided download link on our page. The download will commence, and it usually takes a few seconds.
  3. Adjust Device Settings: Meanwhile, navigate to your device’s settings and find “Security” or “Privacy.” Enable the option for “Unknown sources” to allow the installation of apps from sources other than the official app store.
  4. Locate Downloaded File: Once the download is complete, go to your device’s storage and locate the downloaded Spotify Vanced APK file.
  5. Initiate Installation: Tap on the Spotify Vanced APK file to initiate the installation process. You will be prompted to review and grant necessary permissions for the application. Allow the required permissions and proceed.
  6. Installation Progress: The installation process may take a few seconds, so please be patient while it completes.
  7. Launch and Enjoy: Once the installation is successful, launch the Spotify Vanced application and embark on an extraordinary musical journey.

Downloading and Installing Spotify Vanced on iOS/iPhone

Enhance your music streaming experience on iPhone by downloading Spotify Vanced. Follow these simple steps carefully:

  1. Check Compatibility: Before initiating the download, verify compatibility requirements. Spotify Vanced necessitates iOS 14.0 or later, Apple TV 13.0 or later, and iPad 14.0 or later.
  2. Ensure Adequate Storage: Confirm that your device has sufficient storage space to accommodate Spotify Vanced, as the application size is 162.8 MB.
  3. Visit the App Store: Head to the App Store, search for Spotify, and click on the download button. Wait patiently until the download process is complete.
  4. Installation Process: Tap on the downloaded application to begin the installation. Provide the necessary permissions to facilitate the process. This may take a few moments, so please be patient.
  5. Return to Home Screen: Once the installation is finalized, return to your home screen. Locate the Spotify Vanced icon and tap on it to launch the app, immersing yourself in the world of audio exploration.

Downloading and Installing Spotify Vanced on PC

Do you desire to revel in melodious music on your PC? No problem! Follow these steps to unlock a world of limitless melodies on your Windows system.

  1. Browser Selection: Open either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and visit the Spotify page on the Microsoft Store.
  2. Initiate Download: Click the install button to download the Spotify Vanced MOD APK for PC. This action will redirect you to the Windows Store App, starting the download process in the background.
  3. Installation Progress: Once the download is complete, the Spotify application will be installed within a few minutes. You can easily locate it in the list of all programs within the Start menu.
  4. Application Launch: Click to open the application, and you’ll encounter a login page. Enter the required login credentials to log in to your Spotify account. If you don’t have an account, you must register or create a new one.
  5. Congratulations! Spotify Vanced on PC has been successfully installed, allowing you to enjoy music or podcasts on larger screens.

Note: Alternatively, you can download an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox Player to run Spotify Vanced on your PC.


In conclusion, Spotify Vanced APK stands out as a sought-after music streaming platform, thanks to its exceptional features. Offering unrestricted access to a diverse range of content, it provides high-quality audio, ad-free playback, exclusive content, and the convenience of offline music with unlimited shuffling. Tailored for users of all ages, choose the program that aligns with your preferences and acquire it at a reasonable cost to indulge in a delightful music experience.


Ques. What is the difference between Spotify Vanced and the free version?

Ans. The free version of Spotify provides music at 96kbps, whereas the Vanced version elevates the listening experience with high-quality music at 160kbps. Moreover, the premium APK offers enhanced features such as high-quality streaming at 36kbps, offline music, downloading options, and more, which are not available in the basic version.

Ques. Can I switch from Spotify-free to Vanced?

Ans. Yes, you can make the switch by signing up for a premium account through the official website.

Ques. Is Spotify Vanced App Safe?

Ans. Yes, the app is safe for users of all ages, including children. However, recent reports indicate that Spotify has begun uploading explicit content that may not be suitable for kids. The good news is that you have the option to block explicit content, ensuring a safer experience.

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