Spotify vs Qobuz: Which is Better?

Spotify vs Qobuz: Which is Better?

In the world of music streaming, two giants stand tall – Qobuz vs Spotify. Both offer a vast library of songs, but they cater to different audiences and preferences. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll explore various aspects of both platforms to help you decide which one suits your musical needs better.

History of Music Streaming Platforms


Qobuz, born in France in 2008, has carved a niche for itself in the music streaming industry. Unlike many other platforms, Qobuz places music quality at the forefront of its offerings. With an impressive catalogue of over 100 million tracks, Qobuz takes pride in delivering audio in up to 24-bit, Hi-Res quality. This means you can experience your favourite songs with unparalleled clarity, whether you’re streaming online or listening offline. Currently, Qobuz boasts a user base of more than 200,000 satisfied customers across 24 international markets, including the UK, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, and Chile.


Spotify, hailing from Sweden and launched in 2008 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, is a household name in music streaming. With over 500 million users in more than 180 markets worldwide, Spotify is the undisputed leader in the industry. The platform offers a colossal library of over 100 million tracks and an extensive collection of five million podcast titles for online streaming. While the basic Spotify service is free, users can upgrade to Spotify Premium for ad-free listening and offline downloads.

Spotify vs Qobuz: Premium Plans

Duo and Family

Spotify vs Qobuz: Premium Plans

Both Spotify and Qobuz understand the importance of family listening. They offer Duo and Family plans that cater to households with multiple music enthusiasts.

Spotify Duo: This plan allows two individuals living at the same address to maintain separate premium accounts for just $12.99 per month. An exciting feature called Duo Mix creates a playlist combining both account holders’ favourite tracks and genres, enhancing the shared music experience.

Qobuz Duo: For a mere $14.99 (Studio) or $22.49 (Sublime) monthly, Qobuz Duo provides two separate accounts under one subscription, perfect for couples or roommates who share a passion for high-quality music.

Spotify Family: This plan takes it a step further, accommodating up to six accounts under the same roof for $15.99 per month. It not only includes Family Mix but also provides access to Spotify Kids, a separate app designed for children with kid-friendly content.

Qobuz Family: With a similar structure, Qobuz offers up to six accounts for $24.99 (Studio) or $35.74 (Sublime) per month. However, it doesn’t come with additional perks like Spotify’s Kids app.

Diverse Content Offerings

While Spotify is known for hosting various forms of audio content, including podcasts like “Heavyweight,” “Armchair Expert,” and “Bandsplain,” as well as non-music tracks such as white noise and ASMR, Qobuz takes a different approach. Qobuz focuses on exclusive partnerships with record companies and artists to produce Hi-Res tracks and albums. For instance, they’ve collaborated with Blue Notes Records to release over 200 albums on their download store and worked with Christian McBride to create the Qobuz original Hi-Res EP, “The Q Sessions.”

Audio Quality: Qobuz Takes the Lead

Statistics show that Qobuz offers files of superior quality compared to Spotify. But what does this mean for your music experience? To find out, we conducted a test using the Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless earbuds, comparing tracks in Qobuz’s Hi-Res format with Spotify’s Very High quality format.

Audio Quality of Spotify and Qobuz

The results were clear: Qobuz’s Hi-Res tracks delivered a richer and more immersive audio experience. If you’re an audiophile or someone who values top-notch sound quality, Qobuz is the way to go.

Music Discovery: Spotify’s Algorithmic Magic

When it comes to music discovery, Spotify shines. Its algorithmic recommendations, personalised playlists like “Discover Weekly,” and collaborative playlists make it easy to stumble upon new music that suits your taste. Qobuz, while offering an impressive catalogue, doesn’t quite match Spotify’s music discovery prowess.

Ease of Use: Spotify’s User-Friendly Interface

Spotify’s user-friendly interface and intuitive app design make it accessible to users of all ages. Navigating the platform, creating playlists, and discovering new music is a breeze. Qobuz, on the other hand, might require a bit more familiarity, especially for those new to Hi-Res audio.

Additional Features: Spotify’s Podcast Dominance

Spotify’s dominance in the podcast realm is undeniable. With a wide array of podcast titles and exclusive deals with popular creators, Spotify is your go-to platform for both music and podcasts. Qobuz, while making strides in exclusive music content, doesn’t compete with Spotify’s podcast library.

How Much Do Qobuz and Spotify Pay Artists?

An essential aspect to consider is how streaming platforms compensate artists. Both Qobuz and Spotify have their payment structures in place. However, Spotify’s vast user base means that even though it pays less per stream, artists can potentially earn more through volume.

Which Should You Go For?

In the Qobuz vs Spotify battle, your choice depends on your priorities:

Qobuz premium vs Spotify premium
  • Qobuz is perfect for audiophiles who prioritise audio quality and appreciate Hi-Res music.
  • Spotify is the ultimate choice for those who want a diverse range of content, including music and podcasts, along with a user-friendly interface.


In the end, the decision between Qobuz vs Spotify comes down to your personal preferences. Both platforms offer excellent music experiences, but their strengths lie in different areas. So, whether you’re chasing the best sound quality or seeking a one-stop entertainment hub, make your choice wisely.


Ques. Is Qobuz available worldwide? 

Ans. Yes, Qobuz is available in 24 international markets, including the USA and the UK.

Ques. Can I use Qobuz on multiple devices with one account? 

Ans. Yes, you can use Qobuz on multiple devices with a single account.

Ques. Do both Qobuz and Spotify offer a free version? 

Ans. Yes, both platforms have free versions, but they come with limitations and ads.

Ques. Which platform has better sound quality, Qobuz or Spotify? 

Ans. Qobuz is known for its superior sound quality, especially in Hi-Res audio.

Ques. Are there student discounts available for Qobuz and Spotify? 

Ans. Spotify offers a student discount, while Qobuz primarily focuses on its premium plans.

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