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Spotify Premium APK Mod Download in Free

Download Spotify Premium APK Mod in Free (2024): Are you in quest of a Spotify Mod Apk that provides complimentary access to Spotify Premium? If so, you’ve landed on the correct page because, in this post, I will unveil the latest version of the Spotify Premium Apk.

If you enjoy listening to music, chances are you’ve utilized Spotify, and you’re likely familiar with the limitations of the free version. With only six skips per hour and numerous disruptive advertisements, the Spotify-free experience can be quite frustrating when trying to savor your favorite tunes.

To overcome this issue, I present to you the Spotify Premium Apk. With this application, you can enjoy unlimited song skips per hour and indulge in your preferred music without any interruptions from advertisements. The Spotify Mod Apk also provides numerous additional premium features without requiring a paid subscription.

What is Spotify Premium Apk?

Spotify Premium Apk is a modified version of the official Spotify Android App. By using Spotify Premium Apk, you can enjoy all the features of Spotify Premium without any cost. This includes playing millions of songs and podcasts worldwide without any interruptions from advertisements.

Key Features:

  • Listen to your favorite songs and podcasts
  • Explore new music, albums, and podcasts
  • Search for your preferred songs, artists, or podcasts
  • Enjoy personalized playlists and create your own
  • Share your playlists with others
  • Find music for any mood or activity
  • Stream on your Android mobile and tablet

With Spotify Mod Apk, you have the opportunity to delve into a vast world of music, curated playlists, favorite artists, and podcasts, all without the hassle of ads. Discover new music, explore podcasts, and enjoy the latest songs in playlists tailored to match your mood.

Features Of Spotify Premium Apk

As mentioned earlier in this post, Spotify Premium Apk grants you free access to all the premium features offered by Spotify. Here are some of the most valuable features highlighted in this Spotify Premium Mod:

spotify premium apk
Ad-Free Experience

Enjoy an uninterrupted listening experience as visual and audio ads have been completely removed from this mod apk. Say goodbye to ad interruptions while listening to your favorite songs.

spotify premium apk
Unlimited Everything

Unlike Spotify Free Apk, which limits song skips to six per hour, this mod removes that restriction. With Spotify Premium Mod Apk, you have unlimited shuffles and skips, enhancing your music exploration.

spotify premium apk
Download Music Offline

While the official Spotify Premium Apk limits offline mode usage, a solution is provided in a separate post. Learn how to download music from Spotify for free without the need for a premium subscription.

spotify premium apk
No Root Required

One of the standout features of Spotify Mod Apk is that it doesn’t require rooting your device or installing any third-party apps. Unlike many mod apks that depend on additional software and root access, this Spotify Premium Mod Apk works seamlessly without such requirements.

What’s New in Spotify Premium Apk?

It introduces several enhancements and features that elevate your music streaming experience to a whole new level.

1. Offline Mode

One of the most awaited features is the offline mode. With this feature, you can download your favourite songs and playlists to your device and listen to them without an internet connection. This is perfect for those times when you’re on the go or in areas with limited connectivity.

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2. Ad-Free Listening

Tired of those annoying ads interrupting your music? With Spotify 8.8 Premium Apk, you can enjoy uninterrupted music without any ads. Say goodbye to those pesky commercials and enjoy your music without any interruptions.

3. High-Quality Audio

It offers high-quality audio streaming. You can listen to your favourite tracks in crystal-clear sound, making every note and beat more enjoyable.

4. Unlimited Skips

No more restrictions on skipping songs. With the Premium Apk, you can skip as many tracks as you want, ensuring you only listen to what you love.

5. No Geographical Restrictions

It breaks geographical barriers, allowing you to access music from around the world. Discover new artists and genres without limitations.

How to Download Spotify Premium Apk for Free?

Installing and configuring Spotify Premium Mod Apk is a simple task that anyone can undertake without requiring any technical expertise. Below, I have provided a step-by-step procedure that you can follow if you are not familiar with such processes.

  • Click on the above given “DOWNLOAD” Button, Now your downloading will be started in a few seconds. After the download is finished, Open the APK file that you have downloaded.
Spotify Premium Mod Apk - Installation Guide
Spotify Premium Mod Apk - Installation Guide
  • Now Click on “SETTINGS” and turn on “Allow from this source”. Then go back and click on “INSTALL”. Now your installation will be started.
Spotify Premium Mod Apk - Installation Guide
Spotify Premium Mod Apk - Installation Guide
Spotify Premium Mod Apk - Installation Guide
  • This option only appears when you are installing the app first time, so If it does not appear on your phone, Then you don’t need to worry.
  • Before Installing the downloaded app Uninstall Old Spotify App from your phone; otherwise, the app installation will be failed.


In conclusion, the quest for a complimentary Spotify Premium experience ends with the Spotify Premium Mod Apk (2024). This modified version not only eliminates ads for an uninterrupted listening experience but also provides unlimited skips, offline mode, and high-quality audio streaming. The enhanced features, such as unlimited skips, no geographical restrictions, and easy installation without the need for rooting, make it a standout choice for music enthusiasts. Follow the simple steps outlined to Spotify Premium APK Mod Download in Free, unlocking a world of music without limitations. Embrace the ad-free, high-quality sound experience and explore a vast library of songs effortlessly.


Ques. What is the monthly fee for Spotify?

Ans. While Spotify offers a free app, it provides various subscription plans with costs ranging from €9.99 for the individual plan to €15.99 for the family plan. Additionally, there’s a student plan available at €4.99 per month.

Ques. What features are available for free on Spotify?

Ans. With the free plan on Spotify, users can enjoy listening to their playlists, play music by any artist, and share songs with contacts. However, music playback is limited to shuffle mode on this plan.

Ques. How much does Spotify charge for a two-person subscription?

Ans. The two-person subscription on Spotify, known as the Duo plan, is priced at €12.99 per month. This plan grants each person their own Premium account, eliminating the need to share passwords or playlists.

Ques. How can I cancel Spotify Premium through the app?

Ans. To cancel Spotify Premium via the app, navigate to settings to access your account settings. Within the ‘Premium Plan’ section, locate your subscription details, tap to cancel, and follow the provided instructions.

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