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Spotify AI DJ New Feature: A Complete Guide

Tired of the same old playlists? Craving fresh tunes but overwhelmed by choice? Look no further than Spotify’s latest innovation: Spotify AI DJ, your personal music concierge powered by artificial intelligence.

What is Spotify AI DJ

Imagine a fusion of your favorite radio DJ and a super-smart music recommender system. That’s AI DJ in a nutshell. It analyzes your listening habits, digs into your saved songs and playlists, and throws in a dash of music psychology to create a personalized, non-stop stream of music.

Spotify AI DJ is an advanced algorithmic system developed by Spotify that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze user preferences, listening habits, and music metadata to create customized playlists tailored to individual users. It aims to provide users with a seamless and enjoyable listening experience by delivering curated playlists that match their mood, taste, and activity.

How Spotify AI DJ works

Spotify’s AI DJ works by changing how you listen to music. It understands your taste in music really well. It can suggest new songs that match your preferences or play old playlists that you loved. This makes your listening experience feel super personal.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Spotify’s personalization tech suggests music based on what you like.
  2. They use Generative AI, a smart technology, to give you interesting facts about the music, artists, or genres you’re into.
  3. Spotify has experts in different music styles who really know their stuff. They use Generative AI too, to share their knowledge with you.
  4. They also use an AI voice platform from Sonantic to create realistic voices from text.

For the DJ’s voice, Spotify partnered with Xavier “X” Jernigan, who used to host a popular morning show on Spotify. People loved his personality and voice, so Spotify made him the model for the DJ. They’ll keep improving and trying new things, just like they do with all their products.

Spotify Debuts a New AI DJ, Right in Your Pocket

Where to find Spotify DJ

Ready for your day to be filled with music? Today, Spotify Premium users in the U.S. and Canada can enjoy a new feature! Here’s how to use it:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Go to your Music Feed on the Home tab.
  3. Tap on the DJ card.
  4. Sit back and let Spotify take over! The DJ will play a selection of songs and share short comments about them and the artists. It’s all personalized just for you.
  5. If you’re not enjoying the music, you can switch to a different genre, artist, or mood by tapping the DJ button at the bottom right of the screen.

At Spotify, we’re always finding new ways to make your listening experience better. Keep an eye out for more updates!

Privacy and Data

Spotify AI DJ operates by analyzing user data, including listening history, likes, dislikes, and other interactions with the platform. While this data is used to improve playlist recommendations, Spotify assures users of privacy protection and adheres to relevant data protection regulations.


Spotify AI DJ represents a cutting-edge application of artificial intelligence in the realm of music streaming, offering users personalized and dynamically curated playlists tailored to their tastes, moods, and activities. By leveraging machine learning techniques, Spotify aims to enhance the listening experience for millions of users worldwide, providing them with an ever-evolving soundtrack to their lives.


What is Spotify AI DJ?

Spotify AI DJ is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized playlists and mixes based on your listening habits, preferences, and mood.

How does Spotify AI DJ work?

Spotify AI DJ analyzes your listening history, favorite songs, and other data points to curate playlists and mixes tailored to your tastes. It considers factors like genre, tempo, mood, and artist preferences to create a seamless listening experience.

Can I control the AI DJ’s choices?

Yes, you can provide feedback by liking or disliking songs in the playlists created by the AI DJ. This helps the algorithm learn your preferences better over time, resulting in more accurate recommendations.

Can I customize the playlists created by the AI DJ?

While you can’t directly customize the playlists generated by the AI DJ, you can influence its recommendations by liking or disliking songs. Additionally, you can create your own playlists based on the songs recommended by the AI DJ.

Does Spotify AI DJ learn from my listening habits?

Yes, Spotify AI DJ continuously learns from your listening habits, preferences, and feedback to improve its recommendations over time.

Can I access Spotify AI DJ on all devices?

Yes, you can access Spotify AI DJ on all devices that support the Spotify app, including smartphones, tablets, computers, smart speakers, and more.

How can I start using Spotify AI DJ?

Simply open the Spotify app, go to the “Home” tab, and you’ll find curated playlists and mixes generated by the AI DJ based on your preferences.

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