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Is Spotify Premium Worth It on Student Discount

In 2019, Spotify made waves by launching its music streaming service in India, captivating music enthusiasts with its extensive collection, robust recommendation engine, regional music offerings, and seamless device connectivity. The premium account, priced at Rs. 119 per month, boasts higher audio quality. However, Spotify Premium brings a student discount, a golden opportunity awaits—a 50% discount, bringing the cost down to just Rs. 59 per month.

spotify premium

Steps to Avail the Student Spotify Discount

1. Create Your Spotify Account

Student Spotify Discount
  • Log in through the app or website.
  • Choose music preferences to enhance music discovery.

2. Joining Spotify Premium

  • Access benefits like offline downloads and ad-free listening.
  • Tap on ‘Join Premium‘ or navigate through the menu.

3. Choosing Spotify Premium for Students

Spotify Premium for Students
  • Scroll to the Student section.
  • Tap ‘Learn more‘ and proceed to ‘Get Premium.’

4. Verification Process

Spotify Premium for Students
  • Enter details and be redirected to SheerID.
  • Provide identification details and upload required documents.
  • Documents may include class schedules, transcripts, or enrollment letters.

5. Completing the Payment

  • Choose a payment method (credit card, UPI, or PayTM).
  • Dive into the premium world of Spotify.

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Alternative Steps for Student Discount

1. Navigating to Spotify Student Page

Spotify Premium for Students

2. Logging In or Signing Up

  • Log into your account or create a new one.
Spotify Premium for Students

3. Verification Process

  • Enter information and click ‘VERIFY.’
Spotify Premium for Students

4. Manual Verification for Unsuccessful Attempts

  • If automatic verification fails, click ‘Manually verify.’
  • Upload supporting documents.

5. Eligibility Criteria

  • Specific requirements for eligibility include being 18 years old and enrolled at a US Title IV accredited institution.

Understanding Spotify’s Student Offer

1. Verification Mechanism

  • Spotify employs SheerID for identity verification.
  • Automatic verification or manual upload options available.

2. Discount Benefits

  • Half-priced premium plan with full access to Spotify’s extensive library.
  • Extras may include subscriptions to Hulu or Showtime.

3. Post-Graduation Considerations

  • Re-verification required annually.
  • Loss of eligibility upon graduation, prompting a switch to a regular plan.

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Spotify Student Benefits

Spotify Premium for Students
  • Ad-free music listening for focused study sessions.
  • Offline access for uninterrupted music on the go.
  • Millions of songs and curated playlists for every moment.
  • Premium ensures superior sound quality.

Spotify Premium Cost and Cancellation

  • Students enjoy the first month free, followed by a discounted rate of ₹59/month.
  • Eligibility extends up to four years.
  • Transparent billing with the option to cancel anytime.


In the symphony of music streaming, Spotify Premium, especially with the student discount, stands out as a harmonious blend of affordability and rich features. For students seeking an immersive musical experience without breaking the bank, this discounted subscription is a key to unlocking a world of auditory delights.

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Ques. Am I eligible for this plan?

Ans. If you’re a student above 18, enrolled at an accredited institution, the answer is a resounding yes.

Ques. How do you verify that I’m a student?

Ans. Verification is conducted through SheerID. Continued access for up to 12 months post-subscription or re-verification.

Ques. What will I be charged and when?

Ans. A student-friendly ₹59/month with notifications for any future price changes. Freedom to cancel anytime through the Spotify Account page.

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