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How To Change Spotify Location: A Quick Guide

Have you ever wished to access the full spectrum of Spotify’s vast music library, only to find certain tracks restricted in your region? Well, you’re not alone. Many Spotify users encounter regional limitations that can be quite frustrating. The good news is, there are ways to change your Spotify Location and unlock a world of musical possibilities.

Follow These Steps To Change Spotify Location

  • Open the Spotify website in your preferred browser, whether on desktop or mobile. Log in using your Facebook credentials or your existing username and password.
  • After logging in, locate and click/tap on your profile picture located in the upper-right corner of the screen. From the dropdown menu that appears, select “Account.”

  • You will be directed to your account overview, displaying information such as your username, email, date of birth, and current country. Click “Edit profile” to initiate changes.

  • Scroll down until you reach the country section. If you are currently in a different country, you can access a dropdown menu by clicking or tapping on it.

It’s important to emphasize that your new country will only be reflected if you are physically present there. Switching to a country you are not currently in is not possible.

Understanding Spotify’s Regional Restrictions

Spotify imposes regional restrictions due to licensing agreements and copyright regulations. This means that the availability of certain songs or features can vary based on your geographical location. However, with a bit of know-how, you can overcome these limitations and enjoy Spotify to its fullest.

Benefits of Changing Spotify Location

Changing your Spotify location comes with several perks. You gain access to a broader selection of music, discover new artists, and even explore region-specific playlists. It’s a game-changer for music enthusiasts who crave diversity in their listening experience.

Methods to Change Spotify Location

There are multiple methods to change your Spotify location, and one popular option is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Using VPNs for Spotify

A VPN allows you to mask your IP address, making it appear as though you’re accessing Spotify from a different location. Here’s a step-by-step guide on using a VPN for Spotify:

  1. Choose a Reliable VPN Service: Opt for a reputable VPN service that offers servers in the location you want to set for Spotify.
  2. Install and Set Up the VPN: Download and install the VPN application on your device. Follow the setup instructions provided by the VPN service.
  3. Connect to the Desired Location: Open the VPN app, select a server in the location you want for Spotify, and connect.
  4. Open Spotify: Launch Spotify, and voila! You should now have access to the content available in the chosen location.

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Considerations Before Choosing a VPN

Before selecting a VPN for changing your Spotify location, consider factors such as server locations, connection speed, and user reviews. Opt for a VPN that prioritizes privacy and has a user-friendly interface.


In conclusion, changing your Spotify location opens up a world of musical possibilities, allowing you to enjoy a broader range of songs and discover new favorites. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can seamlessly overcome regional restrictions and make the most of your Spotify experience.


Ques. Can changing my Spotify location lead to my account being banned?

Ans. No, changing your Spotify location using a VPN is generally allowed, but be mindful of Spotify’s terms of service.

Ques. Do all VPNs work for changing Spotify location?

Ans. Not necessarily. Choose a VPN with servers in the location you want, and ensure it meets Spotify’s requirements.

Ques. Will changing my Spotify location affect my playlists and saved songs?

Ans. No, your playlists and saved songs remain intact. Changing location only expands your access to additional content.

Ques. Can I use a free VPN to change my Spotify location?

Ans. While some free VPNs work, premium services often provide better performance and security.

Ques. Is it legal to change my Spotify location with a VPN?

Ans. While changing your location is not illegal, it’s crucial to comply with Spotify’s terms and conditions.

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