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Through the Spotify Job Opportunities, Work From Anywhere program, Spotify Job Opportunities embraces and supports our choice to predominantly work from home or from one of our offices, recognizing that each option offers a unique experience. This approach fosters a more diverse workplace, enabling us to adapt to our team members’ evolving lives and aspirations.

Work From Anywhere For Spotify

Work Isn’t Somewhere We Go, It’s Something We Do

At Spotify, we have the flexibility to decide where we work most effectively – be it at home, in the office, or occasionally, in a completely different location.

Spotify Job Opportunities

Spotify ensures that its employees contribute, communicate, and collaborate on an equal footing, regardless of their work location. The company values active participation and engagement, regardless of where we are based. Whether it’s regular team check-ins or active involvement in the broader Spotify community, there are always opportunities to connect, whether working from home or in the office.

Spotify Global Community

As a respected member of the worldwide Spotify Job Opportunities community, your location in the world won’t limit your value. We provide the necessary equipment and support to facilitate seamless connection and collaboration with your colleagues. Regardless of your chosen work mode, we ensure you have the resources to continue growing and actively engage in our culture, whether virtually or in person.

Spotify Work by Region

Collaboration holds great importance at Spotify. Several of our positions are associated with specific regions or time zones, ensuring effective connectivity with your team during working hours. Explore the job description to identify the regions that align with the requirements of your role.


  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States of America


  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom


  • Australia
  • India
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

Middle East & Africa

  • South Africa
  • United Arab Emirates

How Spotify Job Opportunities for People works ?

It Is simple. Choose to work where you work best, whether that IS mostly at the office, or at home.

Step 1
Choose your location

Choose to remain where you are or consider a change. Many Spotify job opportunities descriptions indicate the available location or region. Determine the place that aligns with your preferences, role, and team, and Spotify will explore this during the hiring process.

Step 2
Choose your work mode

Home blend or Office blend? Opt to predominantly work in the office or from home – or even a co-working space if proximity allows. Certain roles may have a predefined work mode, and if so, we will explicitly mention it in the job description.

How Do Spotify Hire | Job Opportunities at Spotify

Making things official

Spotify hire people who are best at what they do. But just as important, are the good match for them.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

How to Get Job Opportunities at Spotify Design

How to Get a Job at Spotify Design

Get noticed on Spotify. Tell Spotify about your design story. And don’t forget the data. This is Spotify guides to getting hired at Spotify Design.

Hello, I’m a member of Spotify’s talent acquisition team, responsible for bringing exceptional individuals to Spotify Design across our global offices.

In my tenure here, we’ve engaged with numerous designers interested in joining Spotify. We’ve encountered some recurring questions:

  1. How can I get noticed by the team?
  2. What skills are essential for working at Spotify?
  3. What should I anticipate in the interview process?
  4. What is Spotify Design currently seeking?

While we could keep these answers under wraps, we believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to provide honest responses. Below is our guide to the hiring process at Spotify Design, addressing these common questions and shedding light on our approach to filling open roles.

Whether you’re a designer aspiring to join Spotify or a design manager aiming to refine your hiring practices, I trust you’ll find this glimpse behind the scenes both interesting and valuable. Let’s dive in!

How Spotify Design Find People for Job Opportunities

A question that frequently comes my way is how to catch the attention of the talent acquisition team. The truth is, there are numerous ways. Our radar is extensive, and we’re continually scouting for talent wherever it may be. I explore various platforms, ranging from Instagram and LinkedIn to App Index, HTTP Hipster, New Graphic, Eye on Design, and Kill Screen, as well as reviewing resumes submitted by applicants worldwide. Yes, I even keep an eye on Twitter. So, if you’re concerned about not being in that one special place where we discover everyone, fear not. There is no singular location!

How Spotify Design Find People

Spotify often discovers designers in a traditional manner: through networking. And by networking, we don’t necessarily mean events with lukewarm beer and stick-on name tags (though those can be enjoyable too), but rather through our connections with diverse design communities worldwide – as that’s where exceptionally talented individuals tend to gather. So, regardless of your location, Spotify recommend actively participating in your local design community. Subscribe to newsletters, attend events, showcase your work to fellow designers, and express your interest in collaboration. In essence, put yourself out there.

Identifying the best designer for a role is also about seeking diversity of thought. Spotify collaborate with their Diversity & Belonging team to establish stronger connections with underrepresented demographics. For Spotify, it’s not just about finding someone you’d enjoy having a drink with but someone you want to collaborate with to create impactful and innovative work.

Spotify prioritize nurturing relationships over time. During events, even if they’re not specifically discussing an open role, Spotify often engage in conversations with designers about the Spotify Design culture. A brief chat can ignite a spark, and a casual conversation today might lead to a job opportunity in the future.

How Spotify Design Find People

Submitting your Spotify Design Application for Job

For those seeking opportunities at Spotify Design through the job portal, here’s a friendly reminder: each role is unique, demanding its own set of skills and experience. If you’re interested in multiple positions, take the time to tailor your applications separately. While it may be more time-consuming, customizing your application significantly boosts your chances of success.

At Spotify, we love to understand why you believe you’re a perfect fit for a job. We encourage you to present your best self in a way that suits you. A stellar portfolio doesn’t necessarily mean glossy screenshots and big-name brands. Showcase your coding prowess, share your sticky note sketch artistry, and elaborate on your experience navigating various processes. Pitch yourself as a gourmet chef adept at crafting something delightful using the diverse design tools at your disposal. Share articles you’ve written, visualized data, and talks you’ve given.

Regardless of your materials’ appearance, what interests us most is understanding how you critically think about the intersection of design and technology.

For those in the early stages of their design career, here’s an additional option: Every September, Spotify initiates its search for interns to join us the following summer, primarily in New York, London, and Stockholm. Our internships are far from conventional and are always paid. You won’t be performing mundane tasks like making tea or taking meeting minutes; instead, you’ll be at the core of significant projects, collaborating with our teams to create remarkable things.

A considerable number of our junior designers were hired after excelling in our internship program. We highly recommend listening to our Greenroom podcast episode to gain insights into what Spotify internships entail. Consider applying when our internship applications open in September.

The introductory interview of Spotify Design

Typically, Spotify initial candidate conversations kick off with an introductory interview. This isn’t just an opportunity for spotify to inundate you with questions; rather, it’s your chance to articulate your desires from both a job and life perspective. Share not only your skills but also your hopes and dreams. Spotify aspiration is that Spotify aligns well with those dreams, providing you with an environment where you can excel.

In these discussions, Spotify is keen on learning about the projects that have shaped your career, your preferences in terms of work, and the areas in which you aspire to grow. Simultaneously, Spotify is assessing how you would contribute to the team and embody Spotify’s values—these are non-negotiable for us. Familiarize yourself with these values and our band manifesto, and be prepared to explain how and why they resonate with you. Spotify also delve into the organizational structure of Spotify Design, offering context on how it integrates into the broader Spotify framework.

Although it might seem like a lot for a first conversation, spotify close collaboration with other teams enables us to quickly gauge whether you might be better suited for a different role within the company. There have been instances where, midway through a conversation, Spotify have realized a candidate would be an ideal fit for another position on a different team. Consequently, Spotify have pitched them for that alternative role. Don’t feel confined to fitting into a predetermined box matching the specific role you’re applying for; the true opportunity might lie elsewhere.

Even if the initial discussion doesn’t lead to further talks, don’t be disheartened. This process is about cultivating a relationship. If you aren’t selected for one position, there’s still a good chance that a suitable opening may arise later. Patience often pays off.

Spotify Design Portfolio Review

If Spotify Job Opportunities progress beyond the introductory phone interview, there are two more individuals you’ll encounter through a video call process. First, you’ll meet with the Talent Acquisition representative for the role, followed by another session with either the Hiring Manager or a team member from the department where the role exists—occasionally, even a Product Manager might be involved. This phase often takes the form of a portfolio review.

During these sessions, they want you to take them on a design journey, casting yourself as the main character. They’ll delve into one or two of your favorite projects, providing you with the opportunity to discuss your process, thoughts, and approach. While showcasing a polished final product is appreciated, their primary interest lies in understanding how you arrived at that point.

It’s worth noting that the project doesn’t necessarily have to be completed. Some candidates guide us through a work-in-progress vision board or content strategy. These types of artifacts offer valuable insights into how designers approach their work.

The Spotify Design Portfolio Review

During the Portfolio Review

Spotify may prompt you to reflect on two of Spotify Design’s cherished traits: autonomy and multidisciplinary thinking. I find it particularly insightful to learn how candidates have collaborated with non-design disciplines to create remarkable outcomes. Spotify seek designers who are adaptable and versatile, making diverse experience an asset. If you feel your background lacks variety, delve into your professional archive and consider past roles that weren’t strictly design-related. How might those varied experiences contribute to your success at Spotify?

If you’ve successfully met our criteria so far, we’ll invite you to meet the team for a day of onsite interviews. During this time, you’ll engage with the tech, product, insights, and design partners with whom you would collaborate daily. Spotify kindly request you to guide us through your portfolio once more, this time in person and to a slightly larger yet always friendly audience. Be prepared for questions.

On the day of your portfolio review, you’ll also participate in a real-time design exercise with members of our team, providing a glimpse into the designer’s role at Spotify. Armed with a brief, a whiteboard, and a stack of sticky notes, you’ll have approximately 2 hours to generate ideas addressing a Spotify design challenge.

Importance of Spotify Design Insight

At Spotify, there’s a constant flow of data and various quantifiable information, but what truly captivates us is the insight—the meaningful interpretation of that data. Whether you’re engaged in research sessions, analyzing A/B test results, or defining success metrics for your project, nearly every aspect of a designer’s role here is shaped by insight.

A distinctive quality that sets a candidate apart is the ability to contribute to deriving insight and making design decisions based on it. Throughout the interview process, we appreciate designers who share compelling stories driven by insight. It want to hear about your interactions with data, what valuable lessons you gleaned, and how you strategically applied those insights. It seeks creative problem solvers who can make sense of information, formulate robust hypotheses, and use them to shape effective solutions.

Spotify is Hiring !

Indeed, Spotify currently have open positions in design that they’re actively seeking to fill! You can find all the details on the Spotify Jobs Opportunities website, where you can filter by the job category “Design and User Experience.” Even if you don’t find something that resonates with you or matches your experience at the moment, Spotify regularly post new opportunities. Stay tuned by checking our social media channels, the spotify. Design website for updates on events and conferences we’ll be attending, and be sure to subscribe to the Spotify Design newsletter.


Ques. Does the Work From Anywhere program have guidelines?

Ans. Certainly. It is a requirement that you are located in a country where we have a legal presence. Our positions are typically associated with specific regions or time zones, and in many cases, you’ll have the flexibility to choose between working from the office or remotely. We will have a detailed conversation about your options before you officially join, and you can always refer to the job description for specific details about what to expect in your particular role.

Ques. Will Spotify support me with office equipment if I choose Home mix?

Ans. Certainly. Opting for this working arrangement, we will arrange for the provision of furniture and IT equipment, ensuring that your home workspace is not only comfortable but also safe. Recognizing that individuals may work from home on certain days, we extend a monthly Work From Anywhere allowance to all Spotifiers, irrespective of their chosen work mode.

Ques. Will I get access to the same learning opportunities if I choose Home mix?

Ans. You’ll be able to explore a variety of learning and development opportunities at Spotify. The majority of courses and tutorials are conducted online by default, facilitating self-led learning. Additionally, there is a diverse selection of live and virtual sessions led by facilitators.

Ques. If I choose Home mix, will I see my team or other Spotifiers face to face regularly?

Ans. Opting for this work mode indicates your preference to primarily work from home, and we respect and support this choice. In our commitment to minimizing our CO2 footprint, we strive to provide you with the necessary tools to efficiently carry out your tasks from your location, eliminating the need for unnecessary travel—unless, of course, it’s essential for business purposes.

Ques. How does Spotify encourage connection and belonging if I choose Home mix?

Ans. We aspire for every individual working with us to experience a sense of belonging, regardless of whether they predominantly work from the office or home. We highly value active engagement and offer a range of both virtual experiences and in-person events.

Ques. What happens if I want to change my work mode?

Ans. Certainly. You have the opportunity to do exactly that. Every twelve months, you can apply to change your location or work mode, ensuring it aligns with the requirements of your role and team.

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