how to hide and unhide songs on spotify

How to Hide and Unhide Songs on Spotify

Spotify is a great way to discover and listen to music, but not every song might be for you. Maybe there’s a song that came on shuffle that you don’t like, or one that you’ve heard too many times, and you want to block it out from your Spotify listening. You can hide the song using the Spotify mobile app to prevent Spotify from playing it. Whenever you’re ready to hear a song again, you can simply unhide it. It’s really easy to do and takes just a few seconds! Here is how to hide and unhide songs on Spotify.


Spotify is a fantastic platform for discovering new music and curating playlists tailored to your taste. However, as your playlist grows, you might find that some songs no longer resonate with you or simply don’t match your mood. Thankfully, Spotify offers a convenient feature that allows you to hide songs without permanently deleting them.

Why Hide Songs on Spotify?

Hiding songs on Spotify can help you maintain a clutter-free and enjoyable music library. By hiding songs you no longer wish to hear, you can streamline your listening experience and focus on the music that truly matters to you. It’s an effective way to curate playlists that reflect your current preferences.

How to Hide Songs on Spotify

Step 1: Open the Spotify App

Launch the Spotify app on your device and make sure you’re logged in to your account.

spotify app

Step 2: Navigate to Your Library

Tap on the “Library” option located at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to your personal library, where all your playlists and saved songs are stored.

spotify library

Step 3: Find the Song You Want to Hide

Scroll through your library or use the search bar to locate the song you want to hide.

spotify music

Step 4: Hide the Song

Once you’ve found the song, tap the three dots (options) icon next to it. A menu will pop up. Select the “Hide” option. The song will now be hidden from your playlists and will no longer appear in your library.

hide song from spotify

How to Unhide Songs on Spotify

Step 1: Access Your Hidden Songs

To unhide a song, go to your library and tap on the “Liked Songs” playlist. This playlist contains all the songs you’ve saved, including the hidden ones.

Step 2: Unhide the Song

Find the song you want to unhide, then tap the three dots icon next to it. From the menu, select “Remove from hidden.” The song will now be visible in your playlists and library again.

How to Customize Your Spotify Experience by Hiding Recently Played Artists

Do you want to fine-tune your Spotify library by hiding recently played artists? Here’s how you can do it on the mobile app:

  1. Open the Spotify mobile app and navigate to “Your Library.”
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Scroll down until you find “Hide Recently Played Artists.”
  4. On iOS, tap “Hide.” For Android, select “hide this artist.”

Your recently played artists will now be discreetly tucked away from your library. If you ever wish to bring them back, simply repeat these steps, but this time choose “Unhide” on iOS or “unhide this artist” on Android.

Customizing your library in this manner allows you to have more control over your music experience. Explore the world of music with the Spotify app tailored to your preferences!

Why Consider Hiding Songs on Spotify?

Hiding songs on Spotify is a practical choice when you come across tracks you’d rather not see or hear repeatedly. These hidden songs won’t pop up in your Spotify playlists or albums, enabling you to create a more personalized listening experience. Additionally, it’s handy for keeping your recently played artists out of sight if you prefer a cleaner library.

By following the aforementioned steps, you can seamlessly hide and reveal songs and artists on Spotify. Delve into the realm of music while maintaining your curated library with the Spotify app!

Understanding Unplayable Songs on Spotify

Unplayable songs on Spotify are tracks that cannot be played due to technical glitches or copyright restrictions. You can hide these unplayable songs to prevent them from cluttering your playlists and albums. However, they will still appear in your library. If you happen upon an unplayable song, use the steps outlined above to hide it, ensuring it won’t disrupt your music experience.

Do Hidden Songs Affect Your Daily Play Limit?

No, hidden songs do not count toward your daily play limit on Spotify. When you hide a song, Spotify will exclude it from your playlists and albums, so it won’t impact your daily usage allowance.

Automating Your Spotify Experience with IFTTT

Looking to automate and optimize your music listening? IFTTT is the solution. With IFTTT, you can set up various automated tasks, such as creating a monthly playlist of your liked songs from the previous month on Spotify or generating playlists of your favorite tracks from Soundcloud. The possibilities are limitless!


If you’re new to IFTTT, it’s a robust tool for automating tasks. To begin, create an account. Then, follow the instructions on their website to connect Spotify with IFTTT. Once connected, you can explore a range of Spotify-related automations and select the ones that pique your interest. One of our favorites allows you to effortlessly compile a monthly playlist of all the songs you’ve liked!

Enhance your Spotify experience by automating tasks with IFTTT, making your music journey even more enjoyable.


Taking control of your Spotify playlist by hiding and unhiding songs is a great way to ensure your music collection stays in tune with your preferences. With just a few simple steps, you can create a personalised listening experience that perfectly matches your mood and taste. So go ahead, start curating your ideal playlist today!


Ques. Can others see the songs I’ve hidden on Spotify?

Ans. No, the songs you hide on Spotify are only hidden from your view. Other users cannot see the songs you’ve hidden.

Ques. Can I hide an entire album instead of individual songs?

Ans. Currently, Spotify only allows you to hide individual songs, not entire albums.

Ques. Will unhiding a song restore its play count?

Ans. Yes, if you unhide a song, its play count will be restored as you listen to it again.

Ques. Can I hide songs on the Spotify web player?

Ans. As of now, the ability to hide songs is available only on the Spotify mobile app.

Ques. Is there a limit to how many songs I can hide?

Ans. There doesn’t appear to be an official limit to the number of songs you can hide on Spotify.

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